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Graphite on paper


About Women Representatio: During Roman Republic 42BC

"You have already deprived us of our fathers, our sons, our husbands, and our brothers, whom you accused of having wronged you; if you take away our property also, you reduce us to a condition unbecoming our birth, our manners, our sex. Why should we pay taxes when we have no part in the honours, the commands, the state-craft, for which you contend against each other with such harmful results? 'Because this is a time of war,' do you say? When have there not been wars, and when have taxes ever been imposed on women, who are exempted by their sex among all mankind?" Appian. The Civil Wars. IV, 32-33.#women #womenrights #womenrepresentation #hortensia #speech #roma

Hortensia Speech

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