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Project: Human Insectary

Finding Inspiration in Insects

Human Insectary is a project in progress born of curiosity about the daily observation of humans' disgust for insects. Bees, cockroaches, and ants are part of our daily lives. This project describes how insects affect humans and our similitudes with them.

The project is a call to the attention of the spectator for us humans to recognize the vital work of insects in our world. It is an art collection recommended for everyone, children and adults. It will be exhibited in galleries, schools, and art workshops starting in Spain years 2025.

The artwork will remain for sale throughout the beginning of each art show—a collection of 50  paintings on canvas painted with acrylics and oils and, the size of each piece is 8"x10".


Double Blindness 8"x10" Acrylics on canvas


Ant-Art-Ika 8"x10" Acrylics on canvas

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